Jayden Derosa dominance with the ball put paid to Halls Head hopes of playing finals this Peel Cricket Association season, with the Waroona star leading his side to victory on Saturday afternoon. The former PCA champion player destroyed Halls Head batting order as the Warriors continued their red hot pre finals form, taking a stunning 5/9 from his 10 overs and picking up six maidens along the way. His relentless attack began early as he snaffled the wickets of Halls Head openers Levi Muller and Michael Chappell for a duck and four runs respectively.

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Building costs have soared far from the coast as well. In Imperial County, one of the state’s poorest, the cost has climbed 70% in the last decade. And in Fresno County, the average price for affordable housing has doubled to $376,000 per apartment, an amount a third higher than a median single family home..

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