As more frigid fans left Linc, Army players gathered in front of the Corps of Cadets, seated in the stadium northwest seats. And they didn simply crowd around the stadium wall like impatient shoppers on Black Friday. They lined up in formal rows, standing at attention.

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Absolutely indefensible.»Anyone who feels I have hate towards the Jewish community took my post the wrong way,» Jackson said in the follow up Instagram post.Instead of apologizing for the quote, Jackson further summarized his points by highlighting a specific paragraph from the passage.Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson readdresses his controversial Instagram posts that used quotes attributed to Adolf Hitler.Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson elaborates on his social media posts with anti Semitic quotes.Instead of denouncing the hateful rhetoric in the passages attributed to Hitler by Farrakhan, who has compared Jewish people to «termites» in the past, Jackson seemingly doubled down on backing the Nation of Islam leader. Jackson even called Farrakhan «powerful» in one of his posts.Like Banner, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and general manager Howie Roseman are both Jewish. The Eagles typically keep an open dialogue with players regarding social issues, and Jackson’s posts quoting Hitler will most likely be addressed internally, as Banner suggests.Jackson was among the Eagles players who spoke to the team in May about social and racial injustice during the group’s open forum at the start of the virtual offseason program.NJ Advance Media reached out to the Eagles for comment late Monday night but has yet to hear back from the organization.

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