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I’m sad that I look like those idiots, the White Supremacists and the even worse closeted bigots who never speak straight about their own hate. I’m relieved that the thrust of history is driving this ignorance from modern cultures. I’m afraid that being pale skinned makes me part of the problem even though my sentiments are entirely pro unity.

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Why should someone else have to tell him these things? Why can’t he see this for himself? Spoiled men are usually the ones that are out on the prowl. They are either out looking for a fling on the side, or they want to replace their mate completely. Why would someone do this to such a devoted mate who bends over backwards for them?.

With those numbers rising every day, the governor has put a statewide mask mandate in place, and Alabamians fear another shutdown may be inevitable. Has seen nearly 60,000 cases of covid 19 and more than 1,100 deaths as of July 15. With numbers rising, the governor issued a statewide mask mandate.

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