If you look at imports, how bad is the Indian economy? Imports are as bad, almost as bad as 30 years ago. As you were saying we have never seen bad indicators for the last three decades. So in the current growth, imports are down to 6% and the capital goods industry, really important, almost proxy for investment, down 10%.

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Before we go any further, let me make one thing understood. The incorporation of this game in Arcade Activity is somewhat of a first for this section. The explanation being is that I don have the foggiest idea whether this game is going to make it to the States! The explanation I included it here is on the grounds that this game is so cool, I needed to demonstrate it to you!.

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It’s so damn good. Those are two of our favorites. And then we’re also going through old movies. Skinny: Sometimes not ending things the way, you see them in your head plays out for the best. I mean considering Tyler Aronson was on quest to lead his Gator team to its 3rd straight Pop Warner National Championship. But things didnt go as planned but that doesnt take away the fact Tyler Aronson is considered one of the top Quarterback prospects in the country, which he continued to prove thru his play.

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