«Heaven’s Prisoners» is a 1996 movie based on the James Lee Burke novel. The movie stars Alec Baldwin as New Orleans detective Dave Robicheaux. Whenever I read a Burke novel featuring Robicheaux, I think of Baldwin’s terrific performance. I am leaner, I think clearer, and I feel healthier than when I eat all day long. Additionally there are many benefits to our hormonal system that take place when the body «thinks» we are starving. You do not want to starve yourself cronically however.

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Once you hit the top spot, staying there is all that matters. Statistically it is said that over 60% of clicks on Google goes to the top ranking website on the search while 40% is shared among the rest with the second and third place sites taking the bulk of the 40%. Ranking first on Google is the ultimate aim of a search engine optimization.

The idea of not using chemicals or environmentally threating solutions pulls a very sensitive string in us conscious. We know the bad consequences nature suffers from our activity and we look for redemption everywhere. We believe that even small steps count and we decide to go for them..

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