But while there are plenty of virulent racists among the «patriots,» racism is not usually part of their publicly stated ideology. The Bundys, in particular, became associated with racist dogma when Cliven, Ammon’s father, gave an infamous speech in 2014 to his supporters about «the Negro,» suggesting that African Americans might have been better off under slavery. But was an aging man’s awkward, offensively anachronistic attempt to embrace minority communities and bring them into the anti federal government fold.

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«For sure it would be nice to compete. I skate to compete. I’m not just doing this for fun, obviously. In 1981, Lawrence Taylor was a First Round Draft Pick selection (second pick overall) out of University of North Carolina (where he was an All American) who was selected by the New York Giants. Hall of Fame Giants Linebacker Harry Carson questioned the Giants’ high selection of Taylor, arguing that they «didn’t need him» because they already had «good enough linebackers. Taylor’s then yearly salary was a then unheard sum of $250,000 annual salary for an NFL rookie.

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«Fans and media discuss what would happen to ratings and revenue or whether [18 games] is a good idea or bad idea. For us, it comes down to who players are as men, and is it good for us,» Smith added. «If a coal miner is willing to spend more time in the hole, does it likely result in more money? Yeah.

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