W. Bush the Antichrist? Special requests If Under Law why not Rebuild the temple? Discussing religion Unconditional? Religion is what can conserve peace Can something immoral for Humans be OK for God? Are faith and logic mutually exclusive? Sign of someone being Satanic? Different degrees of hell If God were not almighty, would you still worship him? The Evil Eye. Is there such a thing? What do think religion means in today’s society? What Did Cain seek to Accomplish? Do not Murder vs Do not kill.

Not half of Jos Berros, not two Jos Berroses: Exactly one Jos Berros. The Minnesota Twins’ ace stands 6 foot flat, meaning imagining him lying horizontally is the perfect reference point for your human distancing. Now, typically you see Berros standing tall atop the pitcher’s mound, so for maximum effect, you’ll want to turn your computer sideways while watching highlight clips on YouTube.

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