The document described the two houses’ joint features, including the lawn, the roses, the hedges, a 90 year old wisteria vine and trellis, and a concrete patio right by the garage. The «Declaration of Restriction Covenants» both of the older women signed in front of the notary essentially said that, as long as any heirs of the women still lived in either house, no changes could be made to the joint garden. The document also said no fence or privacy screen could be erected in the garden to separate one property from another.

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In person, Christina has a radiant glow about her, but it’s her bubbly personality that I really adore and both attributes are definitely infused into her contemporary, fringe and/or pom pom creations. Christina also has a deep appreciation for all things tropical; naming her Cabana Clutches «The Golden Tan,» «The Oyster’s Pearl» and «The Beach Bar,» just to name a few. No two are alike either, because she hand makes them so they’re uniquely one of a kind..

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