He and center Aleksander Barkov continue to be one of the most valuable fantasy duos in the League. He is 7 2 1 with one shutout in 12 games and leads the NHL with a 2.05 goals against average and.938 save percentage among goalies who have played at least 10 games. Driedger’s peripherals are far better than Bobrovsky’s (3.23 GAA, .900 SV% in 50 games), and he has thrived during Bobrovsky’s recent absence because of a lower body injury, going 2 0 1 with a.955 SV% in the final three games before the pause.Unsung hero: Noel Acciari, C/RW He signed a three year contract with the Panthers as a free agent last offseason and is having a breakout season with an NHL career high 20 goals; he entered the season with 18 goals in 180 NHL games.

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